Hey lovely I’m back it is the third day of Miss Teen Canada and today was a clean face day and I was so blessed, I love waking up in the morning washing my face and call it a day, we went down to breakfast at http://thelocalrestaurant.ca after eating breakfast right off to rehearsal practices for the show on Sunday night.rehearsal were grate miss teen Canada got us new kitten heels an there so sparkly and confertable there are so many more shoe like this all at https://www.vangelo.ca

We are off to hair and makeup by https://www.instagram.com/modernmakeupcan/ everyone looked beautiful, Tonight is preliminaries were they pick the top 20 contestants and I’m so excited, we perform in swimwear provided by https://www.swimoutlet.com/hot-water/ they were very colorful and works with all kinds of body shapes. my Evening gown was provided to me by https://www.timelessbridal.ca it was stunning and I wouldn’t be here without them I am so thankful and blessed, every girl was dressed beautifully and I wish them the best of luck, all of my photos can be found on https://www.instagram.com/missteennorthernalberta/






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Hey lovely I have arrived at Miss Teen Canada and it is a dream come true, I flew in with Air Canada and the flights were easy landing and take off the staff were very kind and I couldn’t have asked for a better trip to Toronto.

My first night we stayed at centennial college with our beautiful roommate, I woke up early in the morning did some yoga and I leg workout, then off to breast http://thelocalrestaurant.ca , in the afternoon we have photo, video, and interview, we had our hair and makeup was done by @modernmakeupcan  I felt like a queen when they were done they did an amazing job and I have never looked so good, then off to photoshoot, I was very comfortable with the photographer a sitting and the photos were stunning , videos and interview for both events I wore Angla unique boutique clothing a Stella & Dot jewelry . Lunch break with this amazing brand called clean meals  it’s frozen full filling healthy meals and made in under three mins  how could you say no? Their amazing meals for more information don’t forget to check them out https://cleanmeals.ca.

Written by: Alexis
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Hey friends my name is Alexis, I am fifteen years old, born in Newfoundland but raised in Fort McMurray Alberta. I’m just a small town girl with big dreams that strives for greatness. I love going for late night runs with my German Shepard Cujo, and spending quality time goofing around and bonding with my friends. I value family and look forward to our weekly movie nights, they have been a huge support system for me and I love them very much.

One of the bigger challenges I have overcome in my lifetime and that I am very proud of is learning to live with dyslexia. Over time I have learnt to break down the barriers and overcome its limitations, proving to everyone that I am just as capable and smart as any other individual. I discovered that this learning disability actually taught me more, letting me discover who I am and helping me mold into the individual I am today.

One of the many things I enjoy in life is being active! I love going to the gym and working out,  as well as spending time in nature.

All together I’m just an average girl with big dreams, I hope to gain your support and see you all at Miss Teen Canada!



Written by: Alexis
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Summer, Ah such a lovely time.. blue skies, heat waves, bonfires, good friends and late nights. But wait… I think I’m forgetting something? that’s right…the MTC 2017 pageant! the past few weeks have been busy with squeezing in appearances, shopping for cute “summery” clothes, and starting to pack for our week in Toronto, Ontario. With only 13 days to go I started thinking, “I thought we had assignments to do as titleholders before the big week” and there is!

So here’s to blog assignment #1!

“blog about their favourite place inside their region”

Well, my favourite place in Alberta.. hands down has got to be the Rocky Mountains in Jasper, Alberta. It has always been my favourite place ever since I was a little girl. With being one of the biggest tourism attractions of Canada, it’s no wonder it’s “favourite material”. The Rocky Mountains are such a great place to visit, no matter what time of the year you go. It is just such a beautiful little town. From the Tram that goes almost to the very top of the mountain (you can hike the rest of the way up if you choose to), to the shopping.

(even bears need hugs!)

Every time I go there I just get this feeling of comfort like its home.  With visiting Jasper since I was 2 years old I guess I could call the mountains my second home. We try to get there at least once a year. I think its the Pine Bungalow cabins that really make it home.

My family has always stayed in the same cabin every time that we go. Cabin #4. It always gives me that cozy feeling. The smell of pine all around, the sound of water rushing by (it is located right on the banks of the Athabasca River), and the feeling of trees softly brushing against your skin.

Alright, so why is Jasper my favourite place in Alberta, Canada?

We are very lucky to have this beautiful location right in our own “backyard”,  while we are able to go there, when we choose, not everyone is this lucky or has this luxury.  Jasper is my favourite place mostly because of the mountains, the cool shops with different types of souveniers and tourist attractions. But it has also been a family favourite for a very long time. We have family friends down in the beautiful town of Jasper and we love to visit them and the town very often. My parents brought me to Jasper the first time when I was only 2 years old, this visit was a very special one for our family.

I have visited many of the tourist attractions there such as; The Tram, Popular hiking trails, the river, Pyramid Lake that has a little island (that is so peaceful) you can access by a small bridge, and Maligne Lake which has boat tours (these are very cool). There are many surrounding areas such as Mount Robson, (just inside of the Beautiful British Columbia) the Miette Hot Springs, and my ultimate favourite, Marmot Basin Ski Resort. which are all attractions just outside of Jasper.

(Pyramid Lake)

How is this National Park my favourite place in my region?

Anyone who has been to this National park would understand how it is my favourite. If you plan on going on vacation anywhere. I would definitely recommend going to Jasper National Park to See the Wildlife, dine in exquisite restaurants, go for a ride on the Skytram and even take a trip to the middle of the town to pay a visit to everyone’s friend “Jasper the bear” (don’t worry its not a real bear its a statue!)

Some very interesting facts about Jasper, Alberta that I would like to share with you;

  • population of the town is 2167!
  • many of the mountains rise to elevations above 3000 meters.
  • Mount Columbia is the highest peak in Alberta which stands at 3782 meters!
  • the Athabasca river flows through Jasper, (as well as right through the town of Athabasca where I reside and am representing).
  • the upper station of the sky tram is 2263 meters above sea level!

Some fun activities you can do while visiting is;

  • canoeing
  • White water rating
  • horse back riding
  • shopping
  • hiking
  • ride on the skytram
  • go to the hot springs
  • take some breathtaking photos
  • see wildlife
  • sight see (visit the surrounding beautiful waterfalls, and there are lots)

There are so many things you could do in this gorgeous town the possibilities are endless.

Well, this is the end of my blog assignment #1.  I hope everyone that reads this finds joy in this National Park and visits it soon! Thank you for taking the time to read my article and I will be back very soon to update on my journey to Miss Teenage Canada 2017. Until then remember to follow me on my social media sights such as instagram, facebook, and twitter. Have a fantastic day everyone!

Miss Teenage Northern Alberta 2017- Amanda

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Good evening everyone!

This is your Miss Teenage Northern Alberta 2017 sending an update on her 2017-2018 year Reign.

On Saturday June 17, 2017 I took part in the New Sarepta Annual Canada day Parade and fair. There I walked in the Parade with my crown and sash handing out candy to the little kids with one of my wonderful, Beautiful, Supportive friends that i think is a true Princess. (Kayla)

There were many Beautiful floats at the Parade that had extreme levels of time, and thought put into. My favourite float was the NSMHA (New Sarepta Minor Hockey Association)

After the parade I took part in the fair which had activities like; kids games, face painting/glitter tattoos, and many more exciting events such as the baseball tournaments throughout the entire weekend and the rodeos/tractor pulls that happened Saturday afternoon to Sunday night. I had a great time getting out there and seeing individuals from my old community. It was amazing seeing everyone come together for the festivities it truly was a great time!

This is the end of my update, stay tuned for more soon from your Miss Teenage Northern Alberta 2017! until then, please continue to follow me on my social media sites such as instagram, twitter, and facebook or reach me by my email.

Thank you,

Amanda- Miss Teenage Northern Alberta 2017

Written by: Amanda
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