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Welcome to Falher!

So far I’ve told you all that I live in an incredibly small town called “Guy”, however, because Guy is so tiny my family does all our shopping 20 minutes away in a town called Falher.  I attended elementary school in Falher and consider it another hometown.  What makes Falher so unique is that it is the honey capital of Canada!!! Because my dad is a beekeeper I know just how important bees and honey are to the world.  Albert Einstein once said: “If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live. No more bees, no more pollination … no

Giant metal bee at town centre

more men!”.  Falher takes great pride in being the honey capital of Canada and many people visit Falher to see the giant metal bee in our town centre.  It really is quite the sight, I strongly encourage everyone to take a drive through town and see it! In addition to the massive bee Falher also has a HUGE slide known as the “big red slide” to all the kids that play on

"the big red slide"

it.  The top of the slide says “HONEY CAPITAL OF CANADA”, it is so fun to climb all the way up the five levels to the tippy top and slide down.  When you drive into town you can feel the community spirit, bees and honey production are important to the entire town and it really shows.  Even business’ in

Beeline Travel

the community name there stores/companies after the bees.  If you are looking to go on vacation you would go to Beeline Travel where they take good care in ensuring

Honey Capital Realty

you have a wonderful trip! Looking to sell your home in beautiful Falher? No worries HONEY capital realty will get the job done.  This sense of community pride is outstanding and is evident by just driving through town.  My favourite time of year is June, and not ’cause the school year is

Honey Fest '09

winding down but because that is when HONEY FEST takes place.  Honey Fest is a HUGE weekend long celebration coming up on June 21 & 22.  The festivities are complete with a parade, market, dinner, fun games, live bands and BEEr gardens.  The whole town comes out to celebrate what we are famous for: BEES!  In attendance every year is our town mascot,

Beesabeille 🙂

BEESABEILLE! She is always a hit amongst the children and even adults :).  Falher is a small town with a huge heart.  The community spirit is incredible and living in a town where everyone knows your name makes you feel so safe.  Growing up in Falher located 4 hours north of Edmonton is definitely the best and I wouldn’t change it for the world.  It is such a beautiful place that I strongly recommend everyone to visit.




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  1. Y’all sure love your bees!
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