April 18th proved to be a very painful day as I got all four of my wisdom teeth removed!  Very swollen and painful.  But I am enjoying all the pudding and icecream ;).  Altogether the surgery took less than two hours and I was fortunate to get a very friendly surgeon 🙂

As I am now on bed rest for a couple days, I have taken this opportunity to prepare for my upcoming SAT exam on June 1!!  Because I am interested in colleges/universities in the US I am required to write an SAT and submit the score along with my application.  After I graduate high school I am interested in attending university to complete my MBA (masters of business administration), I love travelling and meeting people so this is a career path which I feel is best for me!  The schools which I am most interested in are: Berkley, Harvard and University of Alberta(if I were to stay in Canada).  I am so blessed to have such a supportive family, friends and community.  Growing up in such a small town where everyone not only knows your name but also your dreams and aspirations is amazing.  No matter how big, I believe any dream is attainable through hard work and perseverance.

Dream Big, XO

Paige-Miss Teen Northern Alberta-World 2013

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