Hey friends my name is Alexis, I am fifteen years old, born in Newfoundland but raised in Fort McMurray Alberta. I’m just a small town girl with big dreams that strives for greatness. I love going for late night runs with my German Shepard Cujo, and spending quality time goofing around and bonding with my friends. I value family and look forward to our weekly movie nights, they have been a huge support system for me and I love them very much.

One of the bigger challenges I have overcome in my lifetime and that I am very proud of is learning to live with dyslexia. Over time I have learnt to break down the barriers and overcome its limitations, proving to everyone that I am just as capable and smart as any other individual. I discovered that this learning disability actually taught me more, letting me discover who I am and helping me mold into the individual I am today.

One of the many things I enjoy in life is being active! I love going to the gym and working out,  as well as spending time in nature.

All together I’m just an average girl with big dreams, I hope to gain your support and see you all at Miss Teen Canada!



Written by: Alexis

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