This evening I embark on my long awaited journey to Toronto for the week! Words cannot express how excited I am!  I wouldn’t be who I am today without such a supportive community cheering me on every step of the way.  I wouldn’t ever wish to live anywhere else but Guy, although small to say the least there is no place I’d rather call home.  Perhaps it lies within the fact that I can so easily be doing a photoshoot on Main Street (the only street) and have every neighbour there is offer me a ride back the fifty meters to my house, or the fact that half way through cooking dinner only to realize I’m out of tomato sauce I can walk across the street and come home with more tomato sauce than anyone can eat, maybe its the fact that while I’m out for dinner people approach me with news paper articles asking if I’ve read the latest article, maybe its the fact that at a police check stop to promote safe driving I’m greeted by name by the friendly officer, its all these things combined that makes my community and the Smoky River Region the best place to live.  In a community where everyone knows your name and has your back its impossible not to feel safe, the amount of support I’ve received throughout my life not just my reign as Miss Teen Northern Alberta-World 2013 is phenomenal, I am so fortunate.  Thank you to all my wonderful community members willing to go above and beyond every step of the way.  Thank you to Michelle Steib Photography for the stunning pictures and always being such an inviting, fun, professional, photographer.  Thank you to Blush Esthetics for pampering me before the big day.  Thank you to Sammy’s Pizza, Tony’s Donair, Paper Finch Photography, Jonesie’s Hair Boutique and Jennessa St.Onge for there contributions to my fundraiser for Free The Children.  Thank you to Lorraine Desaunliers and Laura Emard for allowing me to partake in their events, the mothers day tea and Honey Festival both went off amazingly!  Thank you to Louise Bastien for altering my dress last minute so that it fits like a glove.  Thank you to Mr. McCarthy for writing me a lovely letter of recommendation.  Thank you to the Jones and Gagne families for helping me enter the pageant and put on a beautiful fundraiser.  Thank you to Ecole Providence School for welcoming me into their school and allowing me to use it for my fundraiser.  Thank you to the community of Guy for allowing me to be a part of their Skidoo Rally.  Thank you to my family for your constant love and support, especially my little sister and mom who are always first on board to help with my crazy ideas.  Thank you to my wonderful friends for keeping me grounded and level-headed when the going got tough.  Thank you to all the citizens of the Smoky River Region for all your kind words and support.  From the bottom of my heart, to the community that made me feel like a princess long before I ever had a crown, thank you.


with lots of love,

Paige Wolfe-Miss Teen Northern Alberta-World 2013

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