(Photo credit: www.s-trip.com)

Even in the itty bitty hamlet of Guy people have heard of “S-Trip!”, a company which works to send graduates and their friends anywhere and everywhere to ensure they have one safe last hurrah with their classmates!  Not only do they work towards giving students the trip of a lifetime but S-Trip! is also a sponsor of the Miss Teen Canada World 2013 pageant!! S-Trip! has agreed to send the “Social Media Queen” on the grad trip of her choice!! Cool right?!  For those of you who haven’t heard of S-Trip! I suggest you watch the trailer and book your trip ASAP, it’ll be the #tripofalifetime!

(Photo credit: http://www.iupuigreekolympics.com/history.php)

My dream S-Trip would be to Greece namely because I love Europe and its diversity and it’s been at the top of my list for awhile.  Greece is as ancient as it gets and the athlete in me would LOVE to see the olympia where the most famous games first took place.  Being surrounded by nothing but crystal blue water and cloudless skies sounds like the PERFECT get away to me!  Specifically I would travel to the capital; 3400 year old Athens to take in all the beautiful architecture and beaches it has to offer.

Since I’m a total foodie I’d be in heaven trying all the souvlaki and fresh fish

(Photo credit: http://www.plakarestaurant.ca)

and fresh veggies like olives and tomatoes, mmmm!

Of course while I’m there I’d spend as much time on the beach as possible soaking up some rays and swimming in the beautiful water.

During my vacation I would spend a day volunteering with community development with

(Photo credit: http://www.dogreece.com)

an organization such as “volunteers for peace” to help rebuild ruins such as the first primary school.

Because I live in such a tiny community, my graduating class is rather small so I would bring all of them for one last bonding experience before we head off in separate directions.

My classmates and I would spend our days perusing the greek markets and hiking through the ruins or boating on the crystal water, and our nights at S-Trip! events such as tight n bright nights!  I know this would be an unforgettable trip!

S-Trip! takes student travellers on unforgettable adventures around the world. Celebrate the exciting conclusion of high school in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica or Bahamas with all your friends on Grad Trip. Spend a weekend skiing or snowboarding at one of Canada’s premier mountain resorts on Ski Trip. Experience culture, sightseeing and events in Montreal or Quebec City on Busaway. Make a difference in an underdeveloped country on an impactful student Volunteer Trip. Explore the culture and history of Europe on Euro Adventure. For more information visit www.s-trip.com.

Check out S-Trip! to book your own trip of a lifetime!


Paige Wolfe-Miss Teen Northern Alberta-World 2013

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Summer just started and its already amazing! June 21 & 22 as you know from my last blog post was Honey Festival in my hometown Falher, AB.  For all you non-Falherites, honey fest is a huge weekend long celebration where we celebrate being the “honey capital of Canada”.  The weekend is complete with bee races, live bands, a dinner, show and shine car show, bee beard, talent show, baseball tournament, a marketplace and much much more!  During the celebration I volunteered my time on Saturday to take surveys so that next year’s honey fest can be even better! After I finished the surveys I took dinner tickets from those enjoying the delicious catered roast beef dinner.  It was a great weekend and a great turnout which I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of!

Now that school is finished till September, I have started back up working full time at the local gym.  I LOVE MY JOB! I couldn’t ask for a better job getting to meet all kinds of new people everyday, its wonderful.

Only 11 days left till I depart for Toronto and I couldn’t be more excited, the days leading up to the pageant will consist of a lot of packing and repacking and repacking. 🙂 Im thrilled for this opportunity!


Paige Wolfe- Miss Teen Northern Alberta-World 2013

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Jenaya, such a sweetheart

WOW! I am beyond blessed to have such amazing friends and family that help and support me in every way.  Sunday, June 16th I held my first fundraiser for Free the Children and it was a huge success!! I chose to do a modelling workshop for children ages 5 to 15 years and there was so much interest!  36

beautiful Shanell!

girls attended my workshop from noon till four raising over the $400.00 required for Free the Children.  The day consisted of a pizza lunch donated by Sammy’s Steak and Pizza and Tony’s Donair and Pizza from Falher as well as cookies baked by my lovely sister and juice supplied by my mom.  After lunch the girls started getting their hair

Miss T 🙂

and make-up done by a bunch of lovely ladies from throughout the community that volunteered their time including: Kayla McNeil, Demi Jones, Jennessa St.Onge, Jennifer Mader, Taylor Wolfe, Shanell Tardif, Eden Macinnis and Justine Macinnis.  They did a wonderful job all the girls felt like princesses with their beautiful hair and make-up! Throughout the day I gave presentations on Miss Teen Canada-World, pageants, modelling and my journey to nationals.  I emphasized how important I believe fitness and education are and to remember to always have a back-up plan if modelling doesn’t work out.  After, I taught

Gorgeous Clauie (:

the girls how to walk the runway and pose for photographers to prepare them for the photoshoot that followed.  I am so thankful to have had Sara Desaunliers from Paper Finch Photography there to capture all the girls’ first photoshoot.  She did an OUTSTANDING job, not only was she able to photograph all 36 girls in the

Miss K! 🙂

limited time but she did so with a huge smile and was so pleasant and kind to all the girls who were nervous for their first shoot.  On top of this, Sara is writing diplomas all week and still had all the pictures emailed out to the girls within 24 hours!! I had promised the girls pictures within two weeks, to have them the next day was unbelievable!  She did amazing work and I am so

Adorable D (:

pleased at how all the pictures turned out.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! A huge thank you to all the girls that came out, to Kevin for all the advertisement and follow-up article in the newspaper, to my family and friends for helping organize the event, to Sara for photographing and

Great shot of Miss D

emailing out all the pictures so quickly, to all the hair dressers and make-up artists and to McLennan Providence School for allowing me to use their lunchroom and having it decorated so beautifully!  The feedback from the workshop was phenomenal! So many girls were awestruck by the thought of pageants that they decided to enter their own!  My next appearance within the community will

10 boxes of pizza donated

be Saturday night, I am volunteering my time to help serve dinner at Honey Festival this year.  Hope to see everyone their! It will definitely be a blast 🙂

strutting her stuff on the runway!






Paige Wolfe-Miss Teen Northern Alberta-World 2013

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Huge thank you to Signature Towels for sponsoring the Miss Teen Canada-World pageant, check them out.  Personalized towels make for GREAT wedding gift ideas and are perfect for the beach, gym or sports.

The third blog assignment is a blog post explaining how I would market personalized towels as a 30 second commercial.  Since my platform is fitness and I believe it is so important to lead a healthy active lifestyle I found it only fitting that the commercial would be staged at the gym I work at, in my hometown of Falher, AB.  The opening scene would be of a woman on the treadmill who is clearly annoyed at a man clanging his weights on the ground rudely behind her.  Eventually the woman will snap and approach the man asking if he could kindly set his weights down quieter.  The man would comply, angrily.  Both would continue their work outs.  Shortly after, yet another issue would arise, this time the man is not wiping down his equipment properly to ensure it is clean for the next gym member.  The woman will approach the man this time fuming, pointing to the “please spray & wipe down machines” sign.  The man would rebut with “listen lady, I’ve been using this cloth to wipe down my machines” he would then look down surprised to find that he had no towel in his possession.  The lady would reply sarcastically with “well I guess a ghost must have come and taken your towel too, hey bud” “too bad you don’t have a towel with your name on it to prove your word”, the woman will then show him her name sewn perfectly on her own towel. Angrily the man will leave the gym leaving the woman feel as though she has won.  However, the next day they will re-encounter one another yet again, this time the man will simply grin when he sees the woman and wipe his brow with his brand new personalized towel.  The scene will fade away to the tune of good life by one republic.  The commercial will end with the signature towels logo and where they can be purchased.

Paige- Miss Teen Northern Alberta-World 2013

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Thanks Niagara Falls for sponsoring the Miss Teen Canada World second blog challenge!

Welcome to Falher!

So far I’ve told you all that I live in an incredibly small town called “Guy”, however, because Guy is so tiny my family does all our shopping 20 minutes away in a town called Falher.  I attended elementary school in Falher and consider it another hometown.  What makes Falher so unique is that it is the honey capital of Canada!!! Because my dad is a beekeeper I know just how important bees and honey are to the world.  Albert Einstein once said: “If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live. No more bees, no more pollination … no

Giant metal bee at town centre

more men!”.  Falher takes great pride in being the honey capital of Canada and many people visit Falher to see the giant metal bee in our town centre.  It really is quite the sight, I strongly encourage everyone to take a drive through town and see it! In addition to the massive bee Falher also has a HUGE slide known as the “big red slide” to all the kids that play on

"the big red slide"

it.  The top of the slide says “HONEY CAPITAL OF CANADA”, it is so fun to climb all the way up the five levels to the tippy top and slide down.  When you drive into town you can feel the community spirit, bees and honey production are important to the entire town and it really shows.  Even business’ in

Beeline Travel

the community name there stores/companies after the bees.  If you are looking to go on vacation you would go to Beeline Travel where they take good care in ensuring

Honey Capital Realty

you have a wonderful trip! Looking to sell your home in beautiful Falher? No worries HONEY capital realty will get the job done.  This sense of community pride is outstanding and is evident by just driving through town.  My favourite time of year is June, and not ’cause the school year is

Honey Fest '09

winding down but because that is when HONEY FEST takes place.  Honey Fest is a HUGE weekend long celebration coming up on June 21 & 22.  The festivities are complete with a parade, market, dinner, fun games, live bands and BEEr gardens.  The whole town comes out to celebrate what we are famous for: BEES!  In attendance every year is our town mascot,

Beesabeille 🙂

BEESABEILLE! She is always a hit amongst the children and even adults :).  Falher is a small town with a huge heart.  The community spirit is incredible and living in a town where everyone knows your name makes you feel so safe.  Growing up in Falher located 4 hours north of Edmonton is definitely the best and I wouldn’t change it for the world.  It is such a beautiful place that I strongly recommend everyone to visit.




Paige-Miss Teen Northern Alberta-World 2013

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Because I live in such an incredibly small town (population:35 to be exact) I chose to write on a business which conducts business in an environmentally friendly manner because regretfully no building was constructed using many “green” materials. I am very fortunate to have this business be one my parents founded :).  It is called “honey bunny” and I have been blessed enough to

Felix holding up a frame 🙂

have been raised understanding all parts of organic beekeeping.  What sets Honey Bunny a part from regular organic honey is its innovative GREEN packaging! The honey is packaged in a pouch which greatly reduces space in comparison to the typical glass jar.  Because the pouch allows for less space one truckload of pouches is equivalent to TWENTY FIVE truckloads of glass jars.  This reduction is drastic! 25 times less gas used to drive the trucks 25 times less pollution dumped into our fragile environment and 25 times less trips made by a driver who could be spending time with his/her family instead.  In order to ensure the honey is organic the hives are put in fields as far away as possible from fields sprayed with harmful pesticides and chemicals.  The line of products all made with organic honey, bee pollen or organic beeswax includes honey (creamed or liquid), barbecue sauce (original, honey garlic or honey lemon rosemary), ketchup, lip balm and bee pollen (granules or milled).  As well my parents recently acquired a brand of honey called “zambezi” which is an african honey.  Zambezi is a brand which is entirely harvested by women in Africa, they chose to acquire this honey to support these women in a developing part of the world.  Honey Bunny is a first generation family run business, during the summer months my brother sister and I love to help by extracting the honey and working in the field.  Although the building itself was not constructed with the intent of being “green” because beekeeping is seasonal work during the winter months much of the warehouse can be used also for storage allowing it to be used in more than one way.  Feel free to check out more of these innovative environmental products at honey bunny  Recently my parents appeared on Food Factory, a TV show similar to How its Made but all about food!  The episode aired at the end of May, filming it was tons of fun!

My dad filming for Food Factory

Huge thank you to Tiocoat makers of flat roof systems for sponsoring the first Miss Teen Canada-World blog assignment!


Paige- Miss Teen Northern Alberta-World 2013

the line of products
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