Huge thank you to Signature Towels for sponsoring the Miss Teen Canada-World pageant, check them out.  Personalized towels make for GREAT wedding gift ideas and are perfect for the beach, gym or sports.

The third blog assignment is a blog post explaining how I would market personalized towels as a 30 second commercial.  Since my platform is fitness and I believe it is so important to lead a healthy active lifestyle I found it only fitting that the commercial would be staged at the gym I work at, in my hometown of Falher, AB.  The opening scene would be of a woman on the treadmill who is clearly annoyed at a man clanging his weights on the ground rudely behind her.  Eventually the woman will snap and approach the man asking if he could kindly set his weights down quieter.  The man would comply, angrily.  Both would continue their work outs.  Shortly after, yet another issue would arise, this time the man is not wiping down his equipment properly to ensure it is clean for the next gym member.  The woman will approach the man this time fuming, pointing to the “please spray & wipe down machines” sign.  The man would rebut with “listen lady, I’ve been using this cloth to wipe down my machines” he would then look down surprised to find that he had no towel in his possession.  The lady would reply sarcastically with “well I guess a ghost must have come and taken your towel too, hey bud” “too bad you don’t have a towel with your name on it to prove your word”, the woman will then show him her name sewn perfectly on her own towel. Angrily the man will leave the gym leaving the woman feel as though she has won.  However, the next day they will re-encounter one another yet again, this time the man will simply grin when he sees the woman and wipe his brow with his brand new personalized towel.  The scene will fade away to the tune of good life by one republic.  The commercial will end with the signature towels logo and where they can be purchased.

Paige- Miss Teen Northern Alberta-World 2013

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