Because I live in such an incredibly small town (population:35 to be exact) I chose to write on a business which conducts business in an environmentally friendly manner because regretfully no building was constructed using many “green” materials. I am very fortunate to have this business be one my parents founded :).  It is called “honey bunny” and I have been blessed enough to

Felix holding up a frame 🙂

have been raised understanding all parts of organic beekeeping.  What sets Honey Bunny a part from regular organic honey is its innovative GREEN packaging! The honey is packaged in a pouch which greatly reduces space in comparison to the typical glass jar.  Because the pouch allows for less space one truckload of pouches is equivalent to TWENTY FIVE truckloads of glass jars.  This reduction is drastic! 25 times less gas used to drive the trucks 25 times less pollution dumped into our fragile environment and 25 times less trips made by a driver who could be spending time with his/her family instead.  In order to ensure the honey is organic the hives are put in fields as far away as possible from fields sprayed with harmful pesticides and chemicals.  The line of products all made with organic honey, bee pollen or organic beeswax includes honey (creamed or liquid), barbecue sauce (original, honey garlic or honey lemon rosemary), ketchup, lip balm and bee pollen (granules or milled).  As well my parents recently acquired a brand of honey called “zambezi” which is an african honey.  Zambezi is a brand which is entirely harvested by women in Africa, they chose to acquire this honey to support these women in a developing part of the world.  Honey Bunny is a first generation family run business, during the summer months my brother sister and I love to help by extracting the honey and working in the field.  Although the building itself was not constructed with the intent of being “green” because beekeeping is seasonal work during the winter months much of the warehouse can be used also for storage allowing it to be used in more than one way.  Feel free to check out more of these innovative environmental products at honey bunny  Recently my parents appeared on Food Factory, a TV show similar to How its Made but all about food!  The episode aired at the end of May, filming it was tons of fun!

My dad filming for Food Factory

Huge thank you to Tiocoat makers of flat roof systems for sponsoring the first Miss Teen Canada-World blog assignment!


Paige- Miss Teen Northern Alberta-World 2013

the line of products
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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Paige get some original pictures in there and a link to sponsor and keyword, tags , categories . The honey business idea is good but we need to see pictures ! and if its your parents business then no excuses – the post should be FULL of original pictures.

  2. Good job on following Robs advice 🙂

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